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February 09, 2009

Hicks fumes over Rodriguez admission

Rangers owners Tom Hicks said he feels betrayed and deceived that Alex Rodriguez used performance-enhancing drugs during this three seasons with the club, and Hicks won't consider Rodriguez's apology to Rangers fans until the three-time MVP also offers an apology to him.

"I'd rather he had one further apology," Hicks said. "That would be to the owner of the Texas Rangers, who signed him to that contract. Then, I'll decide whether I want to accept his apology."

Asked what he feels most betrayed by, Hicks said: "Just the hypocrisy of numerous hours of conversation he and I had about the game of baseball, and about the kind of role he wanted to play in the game of baseball, what his personal objectives were."

Hicks said that he asked Rodriguez if he took performance-enhancing drugs.

Said Hicks: "Not in an accusatory way, but I certainly asked the question in a way where I came away with a clear answer that he had much too much respect of his body -- what God had given him, his own body -- to ever do anything like that to hurt him with steroids."

-- Jeff Wilson


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This coming from an owner who has lied to fans for the past decade. Talk about hypocrisy! Hicks is an idiot.

Cry me a river Tom Hicks, you made money off of him, he opted out of your ridiculous contract, He owes you nothing!

I see Hicks point if he asked ARod about steroid use and was told no to his face as the article reports. IMO, if someone I had asked that question to and was lied to my face, I'd expect an apology too.

All club owners should be subject to random drug testing. If Hicks or Jones tests positive, they should be forced to put the club up for auction.

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