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February 10, 2009

Hicks Has to Face His Own Failure

   OK, I'd like to feel some sympathy for Rangers owner Tom Hicks. Really, I would.

   I know that he invested millions of dollars, paying far more than he should have paid to attract the game's premier free agent at the time in hopes that having him here would also attract pitching in the future (can you say Chan Ho?).

   I also know that Hicks invested more than just money. He took A-Rod under his wing, counseled him on life, hosted his wedding rehearsal party, all those personal things. You bet he feels betrayed.

   But let's be serious, here. It was Hicks' responsibility to know what was going on in his clubhouse, where steroid use was rampant during his ownership. He has to look himself in the mirror, too, just as those of us who were around the team and didn't "get it" during those years have to do.

   A-Rod owed the fans a public apology. He doesn't owe me or any other media person an apology. I don't even know that he owes Hicks an apology, though that's more a private matter than a public one. Rodriguez certainly gave Hicks what he paid for on the field, juiced or not.

   It may be difficult for Hicks to get past his hurt feelings, but this wasn't about him. This was about a player who betrayed the game, not just an owner or a team.

   Because of the money he spent on A-Rod and Chan Ho Park, Hicks cut and run on his team and his fans. For the most part, he's bolted the doors on the vault and, truth be told, he's raised prices and made money while the Rangers have spent the last decade much closer to the AL West basement that its penthouse.

   Hicks has to face the fact that he's the owner of Team Steroid and John Hart is its general manager.

   And I'm one of the columnist/reporters who missed it, too, who let it slip right under my nose.

   We all have to live with that and forget the self-righteous indignation.

      -- Jim Reeves


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hicks is the worst

I was sickened by Hick's feeling of personal betrayal. It is Hicks who owes the Ranger fans an apology. It is Hicks who betrayed us. Players come and go. Time marches on. Here it is 2009 and we are looking at the real possibility of a last or next to last place finish again. If is time for Hicks to sell to someone who won't blink at the high stakes of running a major league baseball team.

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