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February 25, 2009

Rangers 12, Royals 7

The Rangers scored six runs in the first, and Hank Blalock, Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz homered to easily win the spring opener over Kansas City. Kris Benson allowed one run over two innings, and the Rangers held the Royals scoreless in six of nine frames.

One unique thing happened in the first: Chris Davis hit the cover off the ball. This wasn't a Roy Hobbs job, but the stitches indeed broke and part of the cover was flapping. See Ron Jenkins' photo below.

-- Jeff Wilson

Davis ball

                              Ron Jenkins/Star-Telegram


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It's what legends are made of.


How is your grandmother in San Antonio? Well I hope. Do you remember the funny exchange we had last year on the DMN blog?

I thought you had been driven insane by that 7-0 boxscore that's been up on the DMN since last year. Still there, hahaha.

Bests to you,

It's an omen!

How did the defense look? 3 DPs, no errors...sounds pretty good.

20 hits on offense, but 6 walks and 4 HRs given up by the pitching staff...same old Rangers?

Benson may be something of a decent fall-back.

The defense was good. Good pitching, or at least throwing strikes, helps keep fielders in the game. Benson did that, and he works quickly.

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