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March 30, 2009

Do you want to see videos during the season?

It's something we want to know. We can shoot stuff like batting practice and player interviews and we can do analysis. But the question is, do you want us to continue to shoot it? If you do, let me know in the comment line. If not, we understand. But I want to have a feel for this by Opening Day, when the camera could once again be rolling.

- Anthony Andro


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Love the spring training videos. I'll take all the Rangers I can get - including the season.

Maybe someone brings a camera to Frisco every now and then...

Yes. Can't get enough info about or looks at the Rangers.

Heck ya!

I would love to see videos during the season. I have enjoyed seeing the batting practice and pitching videos that those of us who did not make the trip to Arizona do not usually get to see. Keep up the great work.

heck yeah,i wish i could be there. i tivo very game to make sure i watch jt durnd the reg season. so it kills me that we can only watch a couple during spring training. i want to know what we have in surprise. no tv station will give us YOUR kind of information. this was the whole reason i got internet.

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