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March 06, 2009

Rangers scrap two-tone helmets


- Kelley Chinn

The red and blue helmets the Rangers unveiled will never see the light of day. The Rangers have scrapped the idea, and will instead wear blue helmets for most of their games. The Rangers will wear red helmets for the 16 games they wear red uniforms.

The news was apparently good for the players. Hank Blalock said the new helmets made the players look like clowns.

- Anthony Andro


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VERY good news!

yes! I Saw those in the pictures and I really did not like those at all, and to be honest, I know texas used to be red and all but now, red to me means red sox, and angels, and to me it just doesn't feel good to have the same color....and I guess those sleeveless uniforms are going to be missed!

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