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April 01, 2009

Columbo at Work

Time for a little sleuthing or deduction, if you're up for it.

A Cincinnati scout has been hanging around the Rangers' camp for the past week, wondering what the Rangers' plans are for Andruw Jones. The Phillies are also interested.

Suddenly, the Rangers have an asset that they might be able to turn into something useful if they don't keep Jones themselves, though that's what manager Ron Washington would prefer.

But there are other developments of interest. It may be that Jones isn't the only thing that interest the Reds.

The Reds just traded shortstop Jeff Keppinger to the Astros. Keppinger was their starting shortstop. Alex Gonzalez, the Reds' other shortstop with any experience, has been sidelined for a couple of weeks with a hamstring injury.

The Rangers, looking to open up spots on their 40-man roster, have a young shortstop about to head back to Triple A Oklahoma City in Joaquin Arias. Might the Reds be interested in Arias, and could he garner a bullpen piece for the Rangers?

Interestingly enough, Arias will apparently make a surprise start at third Wednesday at Tempe against the Angels. Maybe somebody wants to see just how versatile he is after he's already shown he can play short and second.

Or maybe it's all just coincidence. In any case, it's fun to play detective sometimes. Let's see where the clues lead.

   -- Jim Reeves


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Showcasing Arias at 3B should be enough to change their mind...

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