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April 13, 2009

Is this 2008 all over again?

What do you think? The Rangers have the exact same record after seven games they did last year. Baltimore is the same team that dropped the Rangers to 3-4 a year ago too. The Rangers rebounded from that and won the next two games. Do you feel like this April is heading down the same path as last year, when the Rangers finished the month 10-18? No one in the locker room thinks that way, but what do the fans think?

- Anthony Andro


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Yeah, it looks like it with the errors and Padilla, Wilson and Madragil pitching like high school kids. I expect the pitchers will start saying their arms hurt as their records dive and they look for excuses.

I HOPE not, I feel like the team is better than 2008,

I also feel like Wash is not qualified to manage the team... too many bad judgement calls.

as a wise baseball man said, I feel this is vuja de all over again. but Millwood is a different pitcher from last year.

it looks like every year all over again in recent memory. Pitching is sporadic at best, Choke Job Wilson still stinks, the defense is abominable, baserunning/fundamentals are nowhere to be seen, and clutch hitting is nonexistent.

the shine is already off the 3-0 start as it appears to be a mirage like usual. at some point these players are going to have to be held accountable for these ongoing failures. there is no excuse at the least for continued poor defense and baserunning errors. turrible. not any great surprise why only 12,000 come out to see it, and that was paid attendance. i wonder what actual butts-in-seats count was...

Well ladies and gentlemen what did you expect? If you are an educated baseball fan you know that this year isn't about winning, it's about developing young talent. The Rangers swept a now 1-6 team. I remember listening to callers after the 3rd win on The Fan talking about how great this team was going to do. The truth is you should be excited about the Rangers because this franchise is headed in the right direction, but no one seemed to notice that the pitching sucked in that series too. Millwood, Jennings, and Francisco have been very good, Harrison was alright. After that, the pitching has been average to disastrous. If this team wins 80, we should all be happy. Why? Hopefully in July we can see some of the high level talent that has been stocked and developing in the minors. Holland, Main, and Feliz aren't too far behind with guys like Benson, Feldman, and Wilson pitching like this. So go to the games and enjoy your beer, hot dogs, and home runs, there is a new generation coming. I expect Millwood, Padilla, and at least two bats to be traded later for you impact player you want now. We can talk about winning after 2010!

I feel like the team is better...but the pitching has just been destroyed. Padilla is still inconsistent and the bullpen is still hit or miss. They look to do the same from last year with a poor D and an aweful bullpen. I can only hope with all of the young guns/2nd Chance pitchers on the roster and in the minors they gain some confidence soon and the ERA drops to at least league average.

Hey Nieu. Rangers fans have been falling for the "developing young talent just one or two years away" since 1999. Nothing's going to change as long as Jon Daniels is in charge especially since Tom Hicks is now begging for money. Rangers pitching is a disaster just like last year and the defense is awful. The Rangers can hit as long as the game's not on the line and base running like Kinsler's last night costs games. And I am somewhat of an educated baseball fan. My dad named me after Joe Dimaggio and I've been a serious "educated" fan since Mantle's rookie year. A highlight of my life was having lunch with Mantle at a chairity golf tournament in Oklahoma not long before Mantle got sick and died. I cried when I heard of his death. I'm one of those fans that when the World Series is over I just mope around waiting for Spring Training to start. I know nothing about the Cowboys, Mavericks or Stars nor do I want to know. I had a cousin who pitched in the Orioles organization in the 50s. I am an educated fan and I know Jon Daniels knows nothing about baseball and Ron Washington is in way over his head.

I rest my case.

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