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April 29, 2009

Rangers-Athletics postponed

Wednesday's game has been postponed after a one-hour delay. It will be made up as a doubleheader on Friday, May 29. That doubleheader will start at 4:05 p.m. Tickets for Wednesday's game can be redeemed at a later date. Vicente Padilla will start Thursday's game against Oakland.

- Anthony Andro


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A Friday doubleheader while school is still in session? Ha! That makes a lot of sense to who? Oh, the Rangers! ROFL!! Saturday is apparently too sensible to me and not to the Rangers!

A group of twenty friends and I attended the game last night and it was postponed due to rain. That is understandable and happens, it is how the fans were treated after the rain out that is upsetting. The inside corridors were closed and we were forced to exit the ballpark by security and WALK AROUND the stadium in the rain. That is ridiculous enough but what happened next was worse. A friend and I went to get our car while our wives waited for us. When we got the car we could not get anywhere near the stadium due to some barricades. The person monitoring the barricade let two cars beyond but when we got to the barricade she informed us that she wasn't allowed to let anybody through. When we pointed out that she had just let cars through she stated that they were here to pick up players and she went to sit in her car not moving the barricade and forcing my friends PREGNANT wife and my wife to walk in the pouring rain.
I understand that we are just fans and not as important as the players but this treatment is ridiculous. If it is too rainy to play ball all steps should be addressed to allow for the least inconvenience and discomfort to the fans who are already wasting a trip and a night with a rain out. I am furious at the treatment of the fans and lack of respect that we were shown in forcing us to walk in the rain both around the stadium and the way our wives were treated. Using my ticket for a future date is no consolation for the inconvenience and lack of respect we had to endure.

What kind of idiot made that last post? What the hell's a "gustavo?" Is that short for gestapo or something? I thought this site was being monitored for stupidity like that.

It has been deleted.

Thank you Anthony and I think Drew has a valid point or two.

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