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May 01, 2009

A-Roid cheat on his teammates? Absolutely.

    He was vain and self-absorbed, an iconic Scott Boras player. Alex Rodriguez was a lot of stats and pretty smiles, but he never made the effort to connect here in Texas.

    Before you shoot the messenger on Selena Roberts' latest expose' about A-Roid, ask yourself this question: How would she come up with something like this without somebody -- somebody within the Rangers dugout -- telling her about it? I mean, it's not as if a writer is going to ask a ballplayer, "Hey, did Alex tip off pitchers to the opponents from his shortstop position?"

    Telling the other team which pitch is coming is cheap and sleazy. I can't think of two words that better describe Alex Rodriguez over these past few months. 

    I don't doubt at all that it's true.  A-Roid always did some of his best hitting in the late innings of blowouts. But it's going to be hard for the commissioner to prove, unless one of those opposing players is willing to tell Bud Selig what he knows. Let's hope one has the guts to do it.

    If the claim can be backed up by other players, Selig needs to tell Alex to just forget about 2009 -- take the rest of the season off. A-Roid can apply for reinstatement in 2010.

    To me, this is worse than taking steroids. The prevailing climate led lots of players down the steroids path, we have come to learn. But this is flat-out cheating your teammates! And your team's fans!

    Wouldn't baseball be better off without this guy?

-- Gil LeBreton


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you are an idiot.

Baseball would certainly be better off without A-Roid. He needs to just go away. He showed what kind of charater he has (or lacks) by hanging out with hookers like Madonna and dumping his wife. A-Roid's a loser. At least Shoeless Joe Jackson hung his head in shame. So should A-Roid.

you are a worthless texas redneck tool, lebreton. why don't you stick your nose into your criminal friend tom hicks' business? ask him again how he got the contract to manage UTIMCO while he was chairman of the UTBR?

I thought Lebreton was a Louisiana redneck.

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