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July 29, 2009

David Murphy is the voice of reason

There are going to people demanding the Rangers make a move after Wednesday's ugly loss. But every team has a game like that. The important thing to remember is the Rangers won another series. Like Marlon Byrd likes to say, it's all about winning series. Eventually the Angels are going to lose a couple of games and have to play a tough team or two. Another record-setting strikeout night isn't a reason to fire Rudy Jaramillo or blow up the lineup. Leave it to David Murphy to keep things in perspective.

 "You might not play well for one particular night, even not necessarily not play well but just flat out get beat," he said after his three-strikeout night. "A characteristic of a good team is to come right back. That game on Saturday against Kansas City, that wasn't our best game but we bounced back and have been playing great since then. Isolate the losses and if we don't let them carry over, then we'll be in good shape."

Well said.

- Anthony Andro


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