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July 31, 2009

Halladay wouldn't accept trade to Rangers

The Rangers' chances at getting right-hander Roy Halladay were complicated by Toronto's unwillingness to accept a trade that didn't include Derek Holland and some financial considerations, but the biggest reason a deal didn't come down was Halladay.

He informed his general manager, J.P. Ricciardi, that he didn't want to go to Texas. The Rangers were handed that news around 10 p.m. Thursday, leading to a quiet morning and, of course, no trade for Halladay.

-- Jeff Wilson


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What do you believe?

1. Halladay wouldn't come to Texas.
2. The Ranger Idiocracy decided after one outstanding performance to keep Derek Holland.
3.. Tom Hicks couldn't afford to pay Halladay.

I'll take option 2 with option 3 a close second.

Last night's game may be Derek Holland's best game ever in a Ranger's uniform. Nice young kid. Gutsy. But he is not a future #1 or #2 starting pitcher - even for the Rangers. Plus, his mechanic are somewhat questionable. Again, I cherish my decision to cancel my season tickets.

What DFW needs is fewer Ranger spinsters and more knowledgable baseball reporters who tell it like it is.

Unless Halladay comes out and says he made no such statement, I'll take option 1.

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