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July 31, 2009

Jon Daniels talks about standing pat

The Texas general manager said the Rangers went into the non-waiver stretch looking to make a big move instead of trying to just tinker with the lineup. Here's some of things he had to say at his press conference.

Overall approach: "There were certain paths we went down a little further than others, certain clubs we had a little more dialogue with than others. We got past the initial phases on a few things. Ultimately, in any of those deals, there was some stumbling block and an impasse was reached at some point where it didn't make sense for us."

On Roy Halladay: "It's not a secret he was one of the more attractive names that was out there. His club talked about him publically potentially being available and we certainly went down that path. There are 30 clubs in baseball that would love to have him. He fits in so many ways. At the end of the day, it wasn't meant to be. Just leave it at this, and not specific to Toronto, we were very aggressive. We were willing to put some very good players into deals. Players that otherwise typically we're not inerested in talking about because I do believe we have an opportunity to win and I do think those opportunities are special."

Did finanaces impact trade chances? "It all plays into it, in that situation and in others."

Did Holland's performace chance conversations? "Not internally. He's one of numerous players we were asked about pretty consistently with good reason. We didn't want to trade him six months ago, six weeks oago or 24 hours ago. I certainly don't want to do it now."

- Anthony Andro


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During the rain delay, I've been doing some studying of the remaining schedule. The Rangers are road warriors the rest of the way with 25 home games and 36 road games. One of the home dates is a doubleheader vs Toronto as a rain-out makeup game.

Perhaps they should have had Tim Duncan or Tony Parker come in and talk to the team about owning the road. The Spurs have gotten real good at winning while on their month long Rodeo Road Trip every February.

36 games away in the middle of a hot division race will tell us what this team is made of. I'm proud that they have played so well lately and not let the Angels get away from them. The Angels are red-hot yet the Rangers have stayed right with them!

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