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August 31, 2009

An awful start for Derek Holland

The rookie has allowed five or more earned runs in three of his starts this season. He allowed five in the first inning and the Rangers are already down 5-0.

- Anthony Andro


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Why is Holland still pitching in the fourth inning with the score 6-0, bases loaded and no outs, other than the fact that Ron Washington is a loser and doesn't know when to pull a pitcher? If Washington wanted to win this game he would have pulled Holland in the first inning. But then, if Washington was any kind of manager he would never have let O.J. Wilson pitch and lose yesterday's game.

Oh, wait. Now it's 10-0 in the fourth inning with no outs and Washington has decided maybe he needs to pull Holland before the Rangers get to far behind.

Officially mark down august 28th as the date the bAby rangers started to implode. Just a pretender with a manager that managed us right out of a race.

This pitching staff is just too young to throw in must win situations or a playoff race.

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