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August 31, 2009

The record for biggest Texas comeback is ....

Ten runs. They rallied from a 14-4 deficit against Detroit in 2004 to win 16-15. They've trimmed 10 off an 11-run lead in the seventh. Chris Davis was robbed of extra bases by Vernon Wells in the seventh, but still got a sacrifice fly.

- Anthony Andro


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Did you really think? If we came back to take a lead which bullpen ace would Wash let blow it. Ohhhh good start Grilli. Second or third time he's come in and not been able to even get an out. What a POS

i guess Ron was sitting on Neftali for another day so we can make sure he's fresh for 2012? freaking worst manager ever. Grilli? after closing from 11-0 to 11-10 in a must win game late in year? brutal. BRUTAL!

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