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September 27, 2009

Answering the questions that I'm sure are bugging you

Manager Ron Washington said he stuck with Frank Francisco after his walk to Evan Longoria in the ninth inning because he's the team's closer. Ben Zobrist followed the walk with a two-run single to tie the game. Washington then put Neftali Feliz in.

Washington also said he went with Julio Borbon against Lance Cormier with two outs in the ninth because he liked the matchup better than using Josh Hamilton. He also let Andruw Jones hit against a right-hander inteh eighth inning instead of going with Hamilton. Hamilton said after the game he felt great.

And if you're wondering how Chris Davis felt after the game, the answer is awful. It was his error with two outs in the eighth inning that started the spiral. "I missed a routine ground ball and that's the game," the classy Davis said.

- Anthony Andro


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we will never win with wash and all his foul-ups

agreed. there's nothing new here. ron washington is a great guy, but as a baseball manager he is in the top 5 worst this century. no clue how to work a game and plug in the right players and pitchers to win beyond whatever dumb luck provides. just think of how many more games we could have won if someone with even the slightest clue was in charge. i daresay it's not stretching it to think we'd be in a dead heat with Anaheim heading to this series instead of hopelessly 6 out...

Yep, y'all are right. Washington has no idea how to handle pitchers and I don't think he knows what a pinch hitter is. He's learning but the Rangers didn't need a manager who knows so little about managing to lead such a young team. And I'm still wondering what C.J. Wilson has on Washington. Does Wilson have some dirty photos of Washington and a hooker or something? Wilson should have been forgotten in June and used to sweep the bullpen. He should have been cut from the team a long time ago.

LOL @ shooter. that is classic. mirrors my ongoing thoughts about Choke Job Wilson as well.

Have we heard anything further on Business owners or anyone interested in buying the Rangers.

Yeah, me and The Swami are gonna buy the team just so we can hang C.J. Wilson from the foul pole.

This team is killing me. Yeah we have had the best season the Rangers have seen in a long time, but our Owner, C.J.Wilson, Andrew Jones,Kevin Millwood, and Hank Blaylock are killing us. Can we just cut them or send them to Washington or Arizona? At least they would fit in!

Hennesey, don't forget Ron Washington on that list. He's the manager who never pulls a struggling starting pitcher until the Rangers are six or seven runs behind. Have you ever noticed that managers who win will pull a struggling pitcher if he walks the first two batters in an inning. In a situation like that Washington will stare across the field at whatever and spit a couple of sunflower seed hulls as though he has no idea what's going on, which he doesn't.

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