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September 25, 2009

Josh Hamilton is back

Josh Hamilton will start at designated hitter and bat third tonight for the Rangers. The two-time All-Star hasn't played since Sept. 2 with a pinched nerve in his back, followed by a strained muscle in his lower back. He started taking batting practice during the four-game road trip at Oakland, and manager Ron Washington said Hamilton would likely return this weekend.

-- Jeff Wilson


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When the individual letters of an acronym are commonly individually spoken as a plural, the 's' goes on the end. When reading, you speak the words in your mind and the same rule holds true.

When you inqire regarding multiple airline flights, do you inquire about ETAs?
"Excuse me miss, what are the ETAs of flight 210 and flight 401?"[not ETA]

Are, or are not, all bosses SOBs?
"I have had two bosses at the Star-Telegram that were real SOBs."[not SOB]

Do you know what a POS is?
All reporters and commentators who are trying to change decades of the common usage of RBI are POSs.[not POS]

The plural of RBI is RBIs.
"David Murphy, Julio Borbon and Hank Blalock had...two RBIs apiece."[not RBI]

No, no, no. It's RBI. That's been debated forever and the majority of know-it-alls (or is it knows-it-alls?)always agree it's RBI. Now, I suppose Jeff is a little insulted that a lowly retired photojournalist had to come to his defense on this but I had to speak up, or write up.

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