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October 15, 2009

Does no more Rudy mean no more Pudge?

Ivan Rodriguez made it clear during the final series of the season that he planned to spend a lot of time this offseason working on his hitting with Rudy Jaramillo. He said he was going to work with Jaramillo both in Dallas and Miami. Now that Jaramillo is out of the Texas equation, does that mean Rodriguez no longer would like to return here? The guess here is yes. One of the main reasons Rodriguez wanted to come back to Arlington was to work with Jaramillo. Without Rudy and with Rodriguez free to sign wherever he wants, I don't think it will be with the Rangers.

- Anthony Andro


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The team can't be better without Rudy; 2 steps backwards!

what is wrong with the rangers. They were happy about aquiring Pudge and know they get rid of potential the best batting coach in the majors. They should better have a ace up there sleeve. 1st they lost padilla (should of traded for roy holliday) but no we wanted to keep and work on the propects we have and were did that get us 2nd place, 1st place loser. i tell u the rangers management lost all their marbles

Should never had traded for Rodriguez in the first place. Big mistake.

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