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October 14, 2009

What do you think of the Rudy Jaramillo decision?

There are going to be some upset players, especially Michael Young and Ian Kinsler. But is it time for the Rangers and Rudy Jaramillo to part ways? Does the offense need a change of pace or philosophy? The Rangers have to find new ways to score runs, and wouldn't a new hitting coach be a better fit?

- Anthony Andro


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The team can't be better without Rudy; 2 steps backwards!

I have read that this whole situation may be tied to the fact that, without a true owner, the Rangers really couldn't offer a multiple year contract. Maybe that's not the reason. He has been with the Rangers for such a long time, and is so revered in the clubhouse, surely he would feel fairly confident he would be asked back after this one year deal was up. So, maybe it's just that he wanted to challenge himself and get out of his comfort zone. If this is all tied to not having an owner in place and that makes multiple year deals next to impossible to negotiate, then getting John Lackey, Texas native and possibly the top free agent pitcher on the market, to Texas, even though I have read that he would really like to be back "home", will be next to impossible.

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