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December 15, 2009

It's official: Hicks picks Chuck Greenberg

The press release was just sent out officially announcing that Tom Hicks will ask Major League baseball to approve his decision to grant exclusive rights to negotiate the sale of the Texas Rangers to Chuck Greenberg and Nolan Ryan.

Negotiations will take place over the next 30 days, according to the release. Hicks, the release says, will retain a "significant investment" in the club.

"Our family has chosen to negotiate with the group we believe will be best to protect and ensure the long-term positive future of this franchise," Hicks said in the release. "We understand that this is more than a transaction. You never really own a baseball team; you just have the right to be the trustee of a public institution. Nolan Ryan is the personification of the word trust; he and Chuck worked diligently and relentlessly to get to this point."

-- Jeff Wilson


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