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December 10, 2009

JD: No time frame on more deals

Jon Daniels said the team is still looking for middle infield help, catching help, a left-hander in the bullpen and maybe a right-handed bat. But on a conference call to discuss the Rich Harden signing, Daniels didn't want to talk about a possible Mike Lowell trade. He said both the Rangers and Boston are still looking at other options.

Daniels said the trades for Ben Snyder and Clay Rapada could answer the needs for a left-hander, but also said the team has talked about former Ranger Darren Oliver.

- Anthony Andro


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What about Ben Sheets? Is he still on the radar screen for the Rangers?

i doubt it. he's as big if not bigger risk than Harden, won't let anyone see his medical info, and is now demanding a contract equal to what he used to make (12mil+ per year) despite zero assurance he is really healthy. he's crazy. light years out of Rangers price range now. i'm not even sure the Yankees would pay 12mil for Sheets today. sooner or later reality will check in, but by then the Rangers will/have already spent what little free cash they have while awaiting new ownership and hoping for more cash influx.

Prosperity Bank of El Campo and Houston Texas are currently in intense negotiations with Nolan Ryan to finance a unilateral purchase by Nolan Ryan, as represented by Chuck Greenberg, of the Texas Rangers Baseball Club AND the Dallas Stars Hockey Club.

Prosperity Bank would then hold an option on whether or not to 'flip' the entire transaction to ExxonMobil Oil Company of Irving Texas at a sizeable profit.

Prosperity would APPROVE a 2010 players budget of $**200,000,000** PROVIDED that the Rangers fanbase responds in a vigorous and robust fashion by undertaking a pronounced and sustained season ticket buying surge.

An instant DOUBLING of season tickets from the current 11,500 to somewhere north of 23,000 would give a bright and clear GREEN LIGHT to Prosperity Bank, Nolan Ryan, MLB, and ExxonMobil that that the Big "T" in "TEXAS" stands for TRUST.

Now is the TIME to deliver a downpayment on that TRUST:

Sign John Lackey at the Ebay Retail BUY IT NOW PRICE of 6 years @ $**108,000,000**.

Sign Jason Bay at the Ebay Retail BUY IT NOW PRICE of 5 years @ $**75,000,000**.

These are the long-term franchise investments much like the Angels made in 2003-04 Hot Stove League when they signed Vladimir Guerrero, Bartolo Colon, Kelvim Escobar, and Jose Guillen in a flurry of free-agent signing activity.

Where's that Rangers spirit of Brad Corbett and signing high-priced free agents stars like Richie Zisk and Bert Campaneris?

And as a final stunner, sign Cuban defector Chapman on Tuesday to a $**21,000,000** Texas Rangers contract.

'We've done it YOUR way for the last 50 years..For the next 10 months, we're doing it MY WAY'
--Nolan Ryan on his efforts to save the Texas Rangers Baseball Club from oblivion.

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