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December 01, 2009

Rangers offer arbitration to Marlon Byrd, Ivan Rodriguez

The headline says it all: The Rangers have offered arbitration to outfielder Marlon Byrd and catcher Ivan Rodriguez. The club will receive supplemental first-round draft picks if the free agents decline arbitration and sign with another team.

Byrd is almost certain to pass, but Rodriguez might be a different story. He wants to continue playing and wants to retire with the Rangers, who are committed to Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Taylor Teagarden behind the plate. Satlalamacchia, though, is coming off surgery to correct thoracic outlet syndrome, and he is giving his right shoulder a test run this month in the Dominican Republic.

Decisons from the players are due Monday.

-- Jeff Wilson


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The catcher position in Texas has been a merry-go-round ever since Pudge was discarded as too old and too expensive in 2003. We, as fans, couldn't wait to bring Laird up to the "big" club, only to find out he was inconsistent and frail. Enter Barajas. Then back to Laird. Then Barajas. Then get rid of Barajas because Laird was healthier and we had Teagarden in the wings. Teagarden wasn't ready so, enter Salty. Salty's inexperienced and they can't decide if he's a catcher or 1B-man.

Salty's frail now, Teagarden's still not ready, so welcome back Pudge.

They tried to sell us that Teagarden was now the starter, but the shear talent of Pudge (the old man) settled that rather quickly.

JD, please make a decision with your heart instead of your suit and tie. NO, wait, make a decision that we the fans want and get Pudge inked.

Offer Pudge a two-year arbitration deal he can't refuse, get him back in Ranger red/or blue, and, at the same time, guarantee that your attendance grows as we get to watch two years of the Pudge farewell tour.

I think we deserve it, I think he deserves it.

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