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January 26, 2010

Michael Young sounds off

One player extremely excited about the ownership change is third baseman Michael Young. Young hasn't spent much time with Chuck Greenberg, but he likes what he's seen and what he's heard about the new owner. "You look at every great baseball town whether it's New York or Boston or Chicago or St. Louis and there's always this great relationship between the team and the fans," Young said. "The fans are supportive and they come to see winning baseball and that's where we're heading to right now."

Young, who is usually guarded with his comments, is excited about the chances of making his first-ever trip to the playoffs this year. "I've served time for about nine years now," he said. "I'm ready to kind of bust out a little bit and be a part of something that's going to be memorable and fun. This is going to be one of those jewels of baseball as far as our organization is concerned."

- Anthony Andro


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