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January 26, 2010

Nolan Ryan speaks

Here's a couple of things Ryan said.

The Rangers have been operating with the help of MLB since July. Any expenditure not budgeted for had to be approved by MLB and any signing outside slot had to as well. That explains much of the Matt Purke situation.

His financial stake in the Rangers is the same as Chuck Greenberg's.

On Jon Daniels' future: "Jon's done a good job. I don't anticipate any changes as far as baseball operations are concerned. The baseball staff has done a good job this offseason.

On Ron Washington's contract: "Last year he was in the same situation. I would think that would be addressed as it was last year. I'm very happy with the job he's done."

On his expectations: "My expectations are that we are going to be extremely competitive. If we don't win the division, I will be disappointed."

Despite being the president and a part owner, Ryan can be fired. So can Greenberg. The Rangers will be governed by a board of directors, and if enough of them don't care for the job either is doing, termination is a possibility. Obviously, don't expect it.

- Anthony Andro


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