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January 23, 2010

What do you think of the sale of the Rangers?

Adam Morris, who runs the great site lonestarball.com, summed his feelings up with the tagline "Fans now freed from the clutches of Tom Hicks." Is that everyone's feeling out there? I know from the one meeting I had with Chuck Greenberg is that fans are going to like him. He seems very responsive to the wants and needs of the people who follow the team. He's also very passionate about what he does, which fans are also going to like.

Do you think this is the perfect match?

- Anthony Andro


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Tom Hicks alienated himself from the fans. I have already corresponded with Chuck Greenberg on Facebook. Corresponded means he answered me. He will be the perfect owner, backed by the perfect owner/president, Nolan Ryan. Let the good times roll.

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus! Does that say enough as to how I feel?!

We'll have to wait and see just exactly how much the new ownership group is an improvement on the payroll side - although at this point anything would be better than the way Mr. Hicks...er actually MLB has handled the team payroll the past season and this off season.

Based on Mr.Greenberg (and Nolan Ryan's) accomplishments in the with Minor League franchises- fan experience at the Ballpark should be improved. Having seen minor league games in many different locations - Nolan Ryan's team in Round Rock is the best minor league experience I've had in my travels. Mr. Greenberg does appear to be interested in all fans whether they sit in the expensive seats behind home plate or up in Canada in the 300's - where the Hicks group only seemed to cater to the corproate and wealthy fans.

I've been around long enough to have been a fan when Brad Corbett still owned the team and have seen all the ownership groups come and go since. There's always that "honeymoon" period when the new guys take over - if anyone remembers in 1998 when the Hicks group came in the fans were all excited because the Rangers were going to be able to spend, spend, spend just like the Yankees - and we all see how that turned out. If the Rangers wind up in 3rd place in the AL West this season (which is a real possibility if the young pitching doesn't perform well consistently) all that enthusiasm I've been reading this evening will fade pretty quickly.

In the end the best-loved and more successful ownership group (in the eyes of fans) will be the one that hires the front office staff that drafts/develops/keeps players through the minor leagues and signs the free agents that take the Texas Rangers beyond one win in the post season to last team standing in the first week of November.

It sounds good right now, I am very glad that Nolan is staying, now we have to see if money will be available as they say and will players be willing to come here. I still think until they hire a manager with better in game decision making they won't go far though.

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