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February 25, 2010

Matt Harrison BP video

This goes out to my non-Twitter friend Eleanor, who asked to see the lean, mean Matt Harrison. He is is from about an hour ago.

- Anthony Andro


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Wow, is that is a Brandon McCarthy look alike throwing? Okay, maybe that's not a good comparision since Matt does stay healthier than Brandon.

Thank You Anthony.

P.S. - A couple of thought from an "non-tweeter"

-- The Startlegram's revenue comes from folks "hitting" the website (like this blog) and the papers "hitting" the porch every morning. Getting all the news from Twitter mainly helps the folks who sponsor Twitter.

-- Those 12 to 35 year old's who are doing all the tweeting aren't the ones spending alot of money on the products from the Startlegram's advertisers - that would be the older non-tweeter crowd like me.

-- If significant sports journalism is now only a contest to see who can post 140 characters first - it's sad day for readers and writers everywhere.

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