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March 30, 2010

Ian Kinsler appears headed to DL

Second baseman Ian Kinsler, who continues to be slowed by a sprained right ankle, appears likely start the 2010 season on the disabled list.

No decision has been made, but Kinsler won't play today. That leaves four spring/exhibition games before Monday's season opener.

"Whatever we decide is going to be in the best interest of Ian," manager Ron Washington said.

He was scheduled to take groundballs this morning in Surprise, Ariz., while the Rangers headed to Tucson to play Arizona. Kinsler has yet to run since suffering the sprain March 12 while working out. He has hit off a tee and taken batting practice, but his mobility is significantly hampered. He said Monday that he doesn't want to play if he can only jog.

"That's his game," Washington said. "Does he have to steal bags? No, but that's part of his game. That's what makes him a threat."

Washington said he is more optimistic that Darren O'Day (elbow) will be on the Opening Day roster than Kinsler.

-- Jeff Wilson


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epic fail start to the season. I fear the worst....

I had abdominal surgery at 11:00 this morning and was home by 3:30 feeding my cats. The guy who took me to the hospital is a former bull riding world champion who once had seven teeth broken off at the gum then rode two more bulls before going to the hospital. The athletes these days get a hangnail and are on the DL 30 days.
Like a lot of others on this site I see this season crumbling even before it starts. I don't know about this but I wonder if Washington's little cocaine thing is a distraction to the young guys.

@shooter: Those are good stories, but unless your rodeo boy was holding on to the bull with his teeth, it's largely irrelevant. There's a difference between playing with pain and pain affecting performance. Kinsler's game requires speed and being able to push off on that ankle. Better to have it right from the start.

Nice job with the kitties, though. I bet they were impressed. Did they comment on whether your performance was sub-par? I bet you're so tough they never noticed, and you were still able to scoop the proper portions and EVERYTHING.

When my friend lost those teeth he had just completed a ride on a bull in Arkansas that had never been ridden to the whistle in four years. As for me, unfortunately I'm not near as tough as I used to be. I'm a complete crybaby these days.

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