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April 29, 2010

Maybe the roster move won't be so difficult after all

The Rangers have to make a roster move Friday, and it might not include waiving a player or optioning one. The disabled list could be the move made, as Joaquin Arias is still being bothered by back stiffness. Arias, who played second and led off Thursday, could be a candidate for the DL. Elvis Andrus, who got the day off Thursday, also had some calf pain after Wednesday's game. If either goes on the DL, that would save Arias, Andres Blanco or Ryan Garko from getting the boot.

- Anthony Andro


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Uh, if Arias' back is bothering him enough to maybe go on the DL why did he play today?

Uh, because the Rangers would rather risk further injury to Arias than Elvis.

Uh, why didn't Treanor pinch hit for Ramirez that late game at bat? I would have liked to have seen Dime Bag use Elvis and try to win the game. You've got all the answers Cash...

Not playing Elvis doesn't automatically mean a loss and not pinch hitting for Max is because Washington is a moron.

What? You mean we agree on something? As for Elvis not playing how about this Cash, going left-to-right (right is the hand you use to text while you're driving Cash)Young, Garko, Blanco, Smoak. Then Elvis and Arias could both rest their booboos.

When did Garko become a ss? Besides, I'd rather play Arias, an injury to him wouldn't be too much to deal with and I'd like to use his hot bat while we can because we both know that won't last long.

True but if Arias is injured he might not be much help to the team.
I thought Garko was a utility infielder.

Just some information: Garko only plays 1B. He was a catcher in college but has played that postion at the major league level.

If Garko only plays 1B get rid of him and get a good utility infielder. Why in heck did Jon Daniels sign a guy who can only backup 1B? Oh yeah, I remember, Jon Daniels is an idiot.

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