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June 25, 2010

Some post-game notes after a disappointing loss

The dust-up between Max Ramirez and the umpire in the ninth happened after Ramirez and Alexi Ogando got crossed up on a pitch, causing home-plate umpire Eric Cooper to get hit in the mask. Texas manager Ron Washington didn't fault Ramirez at all.

Crew chief Mike Reilly said it was the third time Cooper had been hit by a pitch this year. "We said come on, you've got to get a glove on that," Reilly said. "It was probably said more out of frustration."

"The umpire was getting out of control and I had to get him back in control," Washington said. "The ball got away on a mix-up on a pitch. One of them (umpires) said something they shouldn't have said. That's what that was about."

Washington also said that he didn't call for the bunt attempts by Elvis Andrus in the eighth inning or Nelson Cruz in the ninth.

Ian Kinsler declined to talk about his third-inning ejection.

The 19-game hitting streak for Josh Hamilton is the longest in the major leagues since Houston's Miguel Tejada hit in 21 straight from Sept. 11-Oct. 4 last year.

- Anthony Andro


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Kinsler is a PUNK, so is his manager "umpire got out of control, had to get him under control"....both need to sit for a couple of days on thinner wallets

Rangers fans cheer umpire injury

Heck let's change name to Texas PUNKS

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