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August 04, 2010

Rangers want Nolan Ryan on board

Josh Hamilton and Michael Young were among several Texas Rangers players who said they hope that team president Nolan Ryan will remain with the club if his ownership group fails to win the courthouse auction to determine the next owner.

"Nolan Ryan is the face of Rangers baseball, has been for a long time, and just baseball in Texas, period," Hamilton said. "To have him in it would be a great motivation for fans to keep coming out and want to be a part of an organization that has Nolan leading it, him knowing what it takes as a player and being a good businessman."

Said Young: "I would imagine everyone wants Nolan to stay around. He brings stability to our organization and everyone knows what he means to our community and sports in our town, so obviously I think it's very important that he stays."

-- Jeff Wilson


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Someone needs to explain that to the spoiled little rich boy who stabbed Nolan in the back!

How is a self-made billionaire a "spoiled little rich boy"? I want Nolan to win too, but they've had forever to get things right.

why does everyone thing nolan will be gone if cubes is owner? He will be here no matter who ends up having the most money.

Have you seen how he acts on the court and behind the bench at Maverick games? It's not too hard to understand why the other owners (and fans) don't want him in baseball. I'll bet the majority of Ranger fans feel the same way. Last week he was offering to help the G and R cause...this week he's buying up debt and trying to out-bid them! If that's not the definition of a "spoiled rich kid" who tries to use money to get whatever he wants at all costs then I don't know what is.

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