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September 30, 2010

Tommy Hunter may start Game 4 for Rangers after all

Manager Ron Washington said Tuesday that the team planned to give the Game 4 ball to Cliff Lee in the American League Division Series. That's changed as of now. The new plan is for Tommy Hunter to start Game 4 in Arlington, and not pitch Lee on three days rest. That can still change though. Hunter is a perfect 7-0 at Rangers Ballpark this year.

Hunter will start Friday's game against the Angels.

- Anthony Andro


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this is what i expect out of a team with one playoff win in 38 years.

you have a stud ace pitcher. you may never get one again, certainly no time soon, and he may/probably won't resign.

what the hell are you saving him for?

the Rangers past track record indicates we may be fortunate to see a game 4, let alone a game 5.

they should be planning for Lee to start game 4. if we somehow have a 2-1 lead, fine you can wait. but if this team is down 1-2 heading to game 4, it would be idiocy in the highest extreme (even by Rangers historical standards) to leave our best pitcher in the bullpen for a hypothetical/hopeful game 5 we probably won't reach as a result.

please tell me management and Crackhead Ron isn't that dumb.

i guess we'll just have to wait and see...but i can tell you that will be the last straw for me if they squander an opportunity like this by intentionally leaving the staff ace out until game 5 if this scenario occurs.

I'm just surprised Washington isn't starting Feldman in Game 4, if there is a game 4.

LOL perhaps we'll find out Harden is in for a theoretical game 5 instead so that Lee would be "fresh" for his ACLS appearance, or golf course, whichever comes first.

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