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October 20, 2010

History is on the Rangers side

Since we don't believe in jinxes here on Foul Territory, we're just going to give you numbers. Read into it what you will, but here are the cold hard facts.

This is the 18th time since 1985 an ALCS team has been up 3-1. Of the last 17, 13 have advanced to the World Series. Eight times that clincher has come in Game 5.

The Rangers are in their 50th year of existence, and no franchise has gone longer without advancing to a Series than Texas. The Expos/Nationals are in their 42nd year without a trip. Seattle is still waiting after 34 years.

The last club to win five-consecutive postseason games on the road was Boston over the 2007-2008 seasons.

- Anthony Andro


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if we get to the WS are we finally done putting Tommy Double Whataburger Hunter out there on the mound to start? Surely Holland has earned that right by now. Even if he isn't stretched out to give us much more than 70 pitches that's still way higher quality and more innings than useless Hunter's fat pitches get thru.

Hunter has value during the season, but in the postseason trying to labor thru a potent lineup with a weak fastball and guts is not a recipe for success. put him in the long relief role.

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