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October 26, 2010

Honest Cliff Lee makes the media laugh

Cliff Lee was a cut-up during his session with the media in advance of his start in Game 1.

On if Yankees fans throwing stuff at Rangers family members, including his wife, would affect his upcoming decision in free agency: "No. I don't know the guyt hat did it. It could be anyone. Who knows? Who cares? They're at home right now."

On if he wanted to face his former team Philadelphia in the World Series: "I pulled for a lot of those guys, but it's weird, when a team gets rid of you, you kind of like seeing them lose a little bit. I know that's weird, but part of me wanted them to win where I could face them in the World Series, too. When a team gets rid of you, it's funny how you have a knack for stepping up a little more when you face them. There's a little more incentive to beat them, and that's definitely the case with me watching the game. I was in between. I didn't want to have to face them or want to have to face the Giants. I let that series play out, and I pulled for those guys individually, but I didn't mind seeing them get beat, either, just because they got rid of me. That is what it is."

On what makes manager Ron Washington a good manager (before reading, please note that Lee also said, in a serious tone, something to the effect of Washington keeps things loose, enjoys baseball and makes sure players respect the game): "You know, he's got a really easy team to manage. I know that much, with just the talent that's in the room. Usually when you have really good players, that makes the manager that much better. I don't know if that's politically correct to say that or whatever, but when you've got a team like this, you'd had a hard time screwing that up, to be honest with you, at least offensively. ... I feel like I could fill that lineup every day and throw it out there. I mean, it's a winner."

On how his hat gets so dirty: "I try to use the same hat, the same glove, the same cleats all year, until I'm traded obviously."

-- Jeff Wilson


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Cliff Lee to replace Dime Bag as manager!?!? bring back the player-mgr! please!

I absolutely lovED Cliff Lee until his comments yesterday. I was pulling for Cliff & your Rangers & your manager, who makes me smile every time I see him. But because he couldn't keep his conceited mouth zipped, I'm now hoping the San Francisco Giants win the WS. Unfortunately for me, my team is now playing golf after a horrific NLCS. Believe me when I tell you that Philly was & still (well, maybe not TODAY) is reeling over the Lee trade. We LOVED him, his charity and we thought he loved us, the fans, because of our heartbroken reaction last year. So much for that! Instead he wanted SF to win? A city that cares more about legalizing pot than the awesome ball club they have? To me, that's pretty selfish. As a Ranger fan, I'd be a little mad at his comments too. Best of luck to your TEAM & other starting pitchers. However, I hope Cliff gets rocked by the Freak. Lord knows he'd never play on short rest! The Phils learned that the hard way...hence the trade. Go Phillies!!! :(

it's hard to blame Lee for those comments. Philly did trade him after he won 2 WS games. i don't know of any player that didn't ask to be traded who is typically happy with the team that sent him away. at best they usually have the exact same feelings of being unwanted and desiring to shove it back down the team that traded him's throats...

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