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October 11, 2010

Josh Lewin out as Rangers play-by-play man

The Rangers have just announced that Josh Lewin, who has been on Rangers telecasts since 2002, will not return as the play-by-play voice of the AL West champions in 2011. Tom Grieve, the color analyst, has signed a three-year contract extension.

The club said the search for a new play-by-play voice will commence immediately.

-- Jeff Wilson


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Awful. I hope it was his decision.

It better not be the radio guy.I wont watch as many games if its him.

this actually makes me happy. his style has bothered me from day 1.

Thank God!!!!!

OUTSTANDING! This is only eight years too late!

I won't watch as many either. He had so many stories and such a wealth of information about current and old players and games. I want Josh back!

Josh will be missed, as will his trademark "Ballgame!" call. It became the younger generation of Rangers Fans' "Hello Win Column."
As a subscriber to MLB.TV for the past two years, I watched a lot of telecasts from other teams. The broadcast quality is often better than what FSN gives us (although the addition of X-Mo helped in that regard), but I always felt Rangers fans were extremely lucky to have Josh's knowledge, sense of humor, and skill in the booth.

Thanks Josh, you'll be missed.

Finally some Good News from the Texas Rangers!!

I like Josh on baseball just fine. Having heard him do football, when ESPN occasionally shows highlights with the radio calls, he has left me wanting. He, like recent Cowboys announcer Dave Garrett, does little besides call yard-lines as the runner goes by. Contrast that with Brad Sham, who, on a long run, may give you the yard-line once or twice. What Sham does, that I appreciate, is paint word pictures as the play develops. "He breaks right at the 50, shrugs off a tackler, now he's got one man to beat! Touchdown Cowboys on a 65-yard play from scrimmage!" Can you tell it's been a while since I listened to radio during a game?

He was OK but I would rather someone with a little more baseball knowledge. Grieve is a great color guy and I'm glad he's coming back.
Like someone posted above, DO NOT I repeat DO NOT hire that radio guy that puts me to sleep and can't tell the difference in shortstop and second base. What's his name, Dave something?

Have always loved Grieve (if they would just furnish him with a high volume microphone). To replace Josh - definitely not Dave B or anyone else who talks all the time and says nothing. BTW, that's pretty much what most TV play-by-play guys do. The best TV combo ever was Dizzy Dean and PeeWee Reese because they didn't feel the need to be talking ALL the time.

Bad news! We always liked Josh and his wealth of baseball trivia. We'll really miss him!

The best replacement I can think of is Steve Busby. As an ex-Major League pitcher he is very knowledgeable and has that "rolling" voice style that's a must for a good play-by-play baseball announcer. It wouldn't be the first time for him, he used to be our Tv announcer a long time ago and we missed him when he left us.

I hope they don't decide to replace Josh with radio guy Dave Barnett. We used to listen to the radio most of the time when Rojas was here. This past season we switched off Barnett, both on radio and whenever he replaced Josh on Tv. Barnett is a great interviewer, but as a baseball play-by-play he belongs in the minor leagues or the college circuit. Even our 13 yr old grandson and his buddies can't stand Barnett's style. Certainly NOT what you expect to hear in a Major League baseball play-by-play broadcast!

What about Victor Rojas, he used to do our radio and is doing well at the MLB network

Thank the lord we may get a real broadcast now! Im sure Lewin is a nice guy but he knows absolutly nothing about baseball. And thank the lord we wont have to hear him screaming about a double play ball in the first inning like it was the last out in the 7th game of the world series. It was the worst broadcast out of all Dallas teams (barely beating out the Mavs).

We are trying to become a respectable team and this is another step in that direction.

Wow, I thought I was the only guy who hated Dave Barnett!
That guy ruins the game for me.

My husband and I listen to every Rangers televised game, and we are very sad that Josh won't be back. He loves the game, has a quick wit, and is a good fit with Tom. I hope that this change was Josh's idea--a better career move for him. If not, the Rangers made a bad decision. Count us as one of many fans who will miss hearing his 'Ballgame!"

Patsy M

Just don't get Dave Barnett. He is very, very boring.

My wife and I didn't like Josh at first, then got used to him and then loved him.
He will be very hard to replace, in our minds.

Bad news. I can't watch the game without his commentary. It's BORING without Josh.

count me among the disappointed. i liked the give and take between Josh and TAG. thought they were a very good team on the telecasts.

He will be sorely missed. I think Josh and Tom were the perfect duo! They had great chemistry and that's not easy to find. Very sad day for Rangers in 2011.

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