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October 20, 2010

More from the Rangers' clubhouse

C.J. Wilson called Wednesday's game the most important game in franchise history. But he also said that every playoff game this year has been the biggest game in franchise history. So, C.J., how you treat the biggest game in franchise history as just another game? "It's the only game we can play tomorrow," he said. "We just have to play tomorrow's game. I have to go out there and pitch against the guys that are going to be in the lineup. I've seen them a couple times this year. They've seen me a couple times. I just have to go out there and pitch to the best of my ability."

Josh Hamilton has faced Boone Logan twice the past two games and is 2 for 2 with a double and a homer. The homer came tonight in the seventh inning. So, Josh, what's your approach been against Logan? "He's throws fastballs," Hamilton said. "I'm waiting for a slider. I still haven't seen a slider yet. The biggest thing is just make him throw strikes. I saw last night that he struggled with his command. He came out of the gate tonight and threw a wild pitch. I set up for the fastball."

Nelson Cruz said the Rangers aren't looking at Game 5 as the chance to finish off the Yankees and go to the World Series for the first time. So, Nelson, are the Rangers going to clinch the AL pennant on Wednesday? "We don't have anything won yet," he said. "We have to come tomorrow and have the same mindset and do whatever it gets to get it done."

-- Jeff Wilson


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