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October 12, 2010

Rangers have special celebration for Hamilton

Champagne and beer flowed in the Texas Rangers clubhouse Tuesday, but they were not part of the initial celebration. That was reserved for ginger ale.

The Rangers waited for All-Star outfielder Josh Hamilton to come into the clubhouse before erupting into a celebration, drenching the slugger with the soft drink. The move caught Hamilton by surprise, but he couldn't have been more happy.

“It meant a lot,” Hamilton said. “They were waiting on me out there. They came around the corner, they doused me with the ginger ale. I had no idea they were doing that. It says a lot about my teammates, them understanding the sensitivity of my situation and not wanting to send the wrong message to other people out there.”

The celebration was set up by left-hander C.J. Wilson, who does not drink, and equipment manager Hoggy Price.

- Anthony Andro


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100% class. They make me proud to be a Ranger's fan.

Big props to the Rangers...what Hamilton deals with can be as serious as life and death for some. Huge respect..nothing wrong w/having a beer or whatever, but RESPECT for others is something that gets overlooked

Pretty cool. Classy guys.

good example for the young people watching - celebration doesn't have to be booze - and the kids are watching; sports figures are huge influences . . .

very impressive. i did notice watching on TV it looked like they were using Sprite bottles and I presumed that was indeed a quality move to allow Hambone to enjoy and participate. well done!

I am so very proud of our team for having the heart to care for one of their own in this way.

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