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October 12, 2010

Video of Rangers ginger ale celebration

This may be my best video work of all time. Let me know if you agree.

- Anthony Andro



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Yes indeed!



Love it. Thanks AA.


Absolutely LOVE it!


From where he has come from, that is awesome. Brings a tear to my eye. Good thing this post is anonymous.

I like your style young man but I believe that the Fox Sports Southwest (i.e. Mine) was on the money as well.

Great that the players respect Josh enough to use the ginger ale...chemistry!

Awesome -- very inspiring.

They have some magic going on now!They maybe destined.

out of this world!!!!!

God is so good! Josh is an example to so many.

I have never been more proud of the Rangers than to see them do something like that out of respect for a teammate. The true meaning of team. Go Rangers!

as one who is in recovery,,bravo! josh, congradualtions brother!


Talk about respect, Ham did not have a great series but will be back for the next one. The team showed all the respect in the world for him by going GINGER ALE talk about team work and love they are the greatest.

Best video & best subject matter.

What a class act on the teams part!!!!Stay sober Josh we love you and are so very proud of what you have brought to our team!!!! God bless Texas now lets kick some Yankee butt!!!

All the more reason to love this team. What a classy thing to do!! Thanks Anthony.

Pretty awesome.

That video is what it is all about, the it being respect, team work, community, chemistry, joy, peace, and love and a whale of a lot more. Great, just great!

Congradulations to the Rangers on their win and what a super classy move on the teams part to celebrate with Josh in this way. I felt really bad for him last time at the division celebration when it almost felt as if he wasn't included. Cudos to his teammates for going out of their way to include Josh.

Totally awesome! The sportsmanship, commaraderie, love, respect and joy the Rangers show, and have, for one another is to be commended. May everyone, not only in the sports world, but in life, reflect the same. Josh, I praise you for your continued faith in the Lord. We know His plans for us are much bigger than we can ever imagine!

I'm in love with a lady that has been through what Josh has been through, so through her eyes I understand. All the best to you and your family Josh, I hope to meet you some day in heaven.

As for what the Rangers did last night, you guys where awesome! You showed the country what team work is all about.

Awesome video!!!

Been a Rangers and Saints fan for years and suffered along with both teams. Hell froze over and brought the Saints to the promised land, maybe it's still frosty enough to get the Rangers there too. I'm a little worried though. I've always said that I would die shortly after the Saints won the Super Bowl and the Rangers won the Series. In any case, here's hoping that Rrrrrranger Ball! takes on a whole new meaning.

Have said since the start of the season, these are a special group of guys that play for the love of the game. Don't see that too much anymore in pro ball. And It was awesome what they did for Josh!

It shows you that you can celebrate, have fun, and not use alcohol to do so!!

Respect. Easy does it sir josh

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