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October 25, 2010

World Series notes: Rangers arrive with rotation, Guerrero's playing time still not set in stone

The Rangers have arrived in San Francisco for the World Series, though they were delayed by a 10-minute hold at the airport because of security for First Lady Michelle Obama. Josh Hamilton, Michael Young, Bengie Molina, Ron Washington and Jon Daniels met with the media at the team hotel. The Rangers will work out tomorrow.

Washington said that Tommy Hunter is likely to start Game 4 of the World Series. The Giants' lineup, which has more right-handed hitters, was one reason. Another was that the Rangers feel better with Derek Holland coming out of the bullpen. So, the Rangers' rotation is Cliff Lee, C.J. Wilson, Colby Lewis and Hunter, though Washington warned of the slight possibility that things could change.

The bullpen also hasn't been determined. Washington confimred that the Rangers are considering subtracting a left-hander and adding a right-hander, with Dustin Nippert and Mark Lowe the top two candidates.

Vladimir Guerrero might play two games in right field after all, though Washington would only commit to playing the Rangers' usual designated hitter in Game 1. David Murphy would enter the starting lineup if Guerrero sits, but Murphy also has value off the bench as a left-handed pinch-hitter.

-- Jeff Wilson



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ugh. another game started by Tommy Double Whataburger Hunter?! Come on Dime Bag, wake up! yes, Holland has pitched well out of hte pen, almost exclusively in relief after another woeful 3 1/3IP start from TDWBH. Hunter has zero ability to provide a good start ni a playoff situation where the leash is short and runs are precious. Holland has that ability.

doesn't make much sense to keep Holland as an emergency long reliever. i know it worked vs NY, but it's pretty rare you are gonna win a game when you have to go to your long relief in the 4th inning, especially in the postseason. that's wasting Holland and wasting a possible win. dump Tommy off at Whataburger and off the postseason roster if he can't do long relief and put someone else on. he has no biznit pitching in the World Series.

Dustin Nippert??? Tommy Hunter in Game 4??? Dime Bag must have a lot bet on the Giants.

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