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November 14, 2010

Rangers GM not talking about Hurdle deal

Rangers general manager Jon Daniels has decided no to comment on expected move of hitting coach Clint Hurdle to Pittsburgh, where he will manage the Pirates. According to MLB.com, the deal is for three years and there is a press conference scheduled for Monday.

Hurdle was with the Rangers for just one year, and the Rangers led the American League in batting average at .276 and were fourth in the American League in runs scored.

- Anthony Andro


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this better be because he is busy in LIttle Rock working on getting Lee!

egads is there any way to actually shut down posts to this blog unless you enter the code that comes after I hit "Post"? the amount of spambots running here is out of control.

my comments post whether i enter that code or not, so something is wrong with the actual enforcement of making a spambot enter the code to get posted...

some people may not wanna read what i post anyway, but at least you're talking to an irrational human being in my case! lol

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