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November 11, 2010

Rangers news and notes

Josh Hamilton and Vladimir Guerrero were named as winners of Silver Slugger awards. Hamilton won for the second time in his career, and Guerrero was honored for an eighth time. Only Barry Bonds (12), Mike Piazza (10), Alex Rodriguez (10) and Barry Larkin (nine) have be honored more than Guerrero.

Neftali Feliz is the Rangers' Rookie of the Year in no-brainer voting conducted by the Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America. Voting for the American League ROY will be announced Monday, and Feliz could bring home that award, too. He saved a single-season rookie record 40 games in 2010.

A new scoreboard above the home-run porch is being considered for the 2011 season, managing partner/CEO/owner Chuck Greenberg said. The club should know by Thanksgiving if they will be able to execute their plan for 2011.

Season tickets go on sale today, and some fans will be paying more in 2011. Premium seats will cost more, which led to an overall price hike of 3 to 5 percent. Greenberg stressed that the Rangers aren't taking advantage of fans' enthusiasm over the club's run to the World Series. The increases came about as the ticket scale was streamlined from previous seasons. The good news is that, unlike in previous seasons, fans will have until mid-February to pay off their tickets.

Single-game tickets will be made available as the season approaches.

FanFest will be held over two days Jan. 22-23 and is moving indoors to the Arlington Convention Center. Tickets will be required to attend. They will go on sale at a date to be determined. The Dr Pepper Mid-Winter Awards Banquet will kick off the weekend Jan. 21 at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine.

-- Jeff Wilson


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we need to worry about signing Lee first or all of this good momentum is gone forever. the Rangers are a good team without Lee, but they are not world series contenders without him. every day i see stories about NYY talking to Lee, calling at 1201am last Sunday, how Lee hates heat in Texas...all or some of this may be b.s., but i haven't seen one story out of Texas about the Rangers doing something to get Lee.

I don't understand what the hold up is. We know we have to have him. Go to his door and drop off a 6 year 150 million dollar contract offer and see what happens. waiting on NY to make an offer first (if that is in fact what the Rangers brass is doing) is just begging for Lee to accept a NYY offer rather than come back for a counter-offer he doesn't have to do.

I know I don't know the finances/etc of the situation. I do know this: without Lee, we ain't going anywhere in the postseason. Not only do we lose a staff ace, that bumps everyone up one notch in rotation and instead of having one weak link at #4 starter we would now have two at #3 and #4, or we make FEliz a starter and have no closer, etc.

It's real simple guys. Go Get Lee Now. after this year, we're not gonna be happy or settle for a "good season" when we've tasted greatness and everyone can see we're on the doorstep of it again.

The Rangers reached new heights this year so anything less than another trip to the World Series will be a let down and we do need Lee to reach that. I wonder if he would settle for five years if the money was right. It seems to me somebody needs to be talking to him but maybe they are.

I don't claim to know everything that's going on with the Rangers but I read that Yankees GM Cashman (How appropriate "Cash Man") visited with Lee at his home in Arkansas. Why haven't Rangers brass visited him in Arkansas? They should be camped on his front porch feeding his dog.

i don't see why they'd be desperate to hush up the media that they are interested/visiting so i must also drawt he same conclusion that we are doing virtually nothing proactive on this, which boggles the mind. surely it's not true. don't we have someone like Hambone who can go visit and hunt with lee and bond? DO SOMETHING!

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