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November 01, 2010

Rangers owner urges fans to believe, and to celebrate with passion tonight

Rangers owner Chuck Greenberg, for one, isn't giving up despite his team's 3-1 deficit to the Giants.

Greenberg, who may define resilency for the way he stuck with his plan to buy the team through a long, roller-coaster of a process that ended in a marathon auction, told blogger Jamey Newberg overnight that the Rangers have been achieving the unattainable all year.

He conjured up the 1979 "We are Family" Pirates, who were down 3-1 to the Baltimore Orioles but stuck together and came back to win the World Series. Greenberg wrote that he received a text from Kent Tekulve, the closer on that '79 team, after Sunday's loss to the Giants.

Tekulve related to Greenberg a comment from the great Willie Stargell, who reminded his teammates before Game 5 of that Series that they were playing in front of the world and that, win or lose, they needed to "show the world how the Pirates play baseball."

Greenberg also had a message for the fans headed to tonight's game:

But here is a simple reality. Monday will be the last game played in Rangers Ballpark this year. We all owe it to ourselves, our players and each other, to celebrate with passion, enthusiasm and indefatigable belief from lineup cards to the final out, loud and proud.


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Darn right.

GO RANGERS ! What a year....i'm so proud to be a Rangers Fan !

You said it right, Sylvia! What an awesome year! GO RANGERS!

Great year, and more to come! Thank you, Ryan, Greenberg, Daniels, Wash, and team!

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