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November 09, 2010

Rangers shut out in AL Gold Glove awards

Elvis Andrus and Josh Hamilton were believed to be contenders to win their first Gold Glove Award, but neither did Tuesday as the American League honors for fielding were announced. Derek Jeter won his fifth Gold Glove at shortstop, leaving Andrus on the waiting list for next year, and Ichiro Suzuki, Carl Crawford and Franklin Gutierrez were the three outfielders selected ahead of, among others, Hamilton.

-- Jeff Wilson


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Gold glove is one of the worst awards (versus reality) in baseball history. Once someone starts winning one it takes a miracle to remove the incumbent any given year.

Deke Jeter winning a gold glove is beyond a joke. He has a range that is about as wide as my computer monitor. I don't care if he makes every play inside that 25" region, if you can't get to a single ball outside that you don't deserve a Gold Glove. Period.

THere are about 8 other SS in the AL who were more deserving of a Gold Glove ahead of Jeter just based on that alone.

Yeah, Derek Jeter is "so yesterday" as the young folks today would say. But he's a Yankee and I guess that weighed in on the selection. I guess Andrus made too many errors but he's a top shortstop. Way better than Jeter.

I wasn't aware of this being a writing contest. Most of us here are baseball fans and aren't interested in stuff like that but I'm guessing you're not a beseball fan but one of those guys who goes more for sports like Dancing With the Stars.

By the way coach, there's no comma after 'wish.'

On to other matters; I can't believe Hamilton missed a Gold Glove. I thought he would win hands down. I'm having a hard time believing that anyone was more dynamic and consistent in the entire Major Leagues.

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