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November 17, 2010

Rangers Washington finishes second in manager vote

Texas manager Ron Washington was the second-place finisher in the American League manager of the year voting. Minnesota manager Ron Gardenhire won the award. Gardenhire finished with 16 first-place votes to Washington's 10. The voting is done on a 5-3-1 point system. The two other first-place votes went to Tampa Bay's Joe Maddon and Toronto's Cito Gaston.

Three voters left Washington off their ballot. Gardenhire was named on all 28.

- Anthony Andro


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Epic fail.

That's how baseball go.

I have no problem with Gardy winning, but I do have a problem with 3 people leaving him off the ballot. BS

That's the way baseball go.

if i had to guess, those 3 who left him off the ballot entirely probably actually watched most of the Rangers game and corresponding head-scratching decision-making. lol

I guess they saw Dime Bag leave a starting pitcher in until the Rangers were seven runs down before getting somebody up in the bullpen.

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