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November 01, 2010

Thanks for following Rangers on blog and Twitter

The season's been over for about an hour, but I just wanted to thank everyone for following us on Foul Territory and on Twitter.

The Twitter stuff has been huge for us this year, both for me @aandro and @JeffWilson_FWST.

When the season started, I didn't Twitter much, but it picked up as the season went on and the auction helped my cause greatly. I want to thank all of you for following me, keeping me on my toes and asking me questions. I don't know how many times I answered lineup questions or questions about uniform colors, but that's all good.

I won't name names, because there are so many but people like the Wash t-shirt guy, the Steve Avery fan, my New Balance guy, my Aggie guy, my cousin, my co-worker, my buddy from Tampa and on and on and on made it great for me.

I tried to be impartial, but it's hard to cover this beat when you grew up in Plano and remember Bobby Witt pinch hitting in a rout of the Yankees and your seat when Nolan Ryan struck out his 5,000th batter.

This season was great too, because my son really got into the Rangers. He even paid a little attention to Twitter himself, which isn't bad for a 10-year-old.

I know a lot of you wanted the season to end differently, but when the Rangers make it to the World Series for the first time in everyone's lifetime, sometimes it's okay to settle for second best.

Please keep following us, because just because the season's ending doesn't mean the Rangers are. I'll be at the GM meetings in two weeks and Jeff will be at the winter meetings. It's going to be an interesting offseason and we'll do our best to keep you guys covered.

Just stick with us, and once again thanks. And below is the one reason I don't mind the season coming to an end just a little early.

Thanks and sorry I couldn't write this in 140 characters.

- Anthony Andro73732_1535848608671_1608514791_1234971_7875079_n


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Thanks for all the great coverage from both you guys. And thanks for all the replies to my tweets. :) Watching games on TV and following y'all on Twitter was a blast. It made the games more entertaining. 15 weeks until Spring Training. I can't wait!

The Steve Avery fan

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