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December 01, 2010

Kinsler: Rangers, Lee have second meeting

Second baseman Ian Kinsler said that he was informed by Cliff Lee that the Rangers visited the free-agent left-hander for a second time Tuesday in Arkansas. Kinsler first revealed the Rangers-Lee meeting during a radio program earlier today and confirmed it via telephone with the Star-Telegram.

Kinsler said that Lee didn't not say if the Rangers had made him an offer.

The Rangers made an initial visit to Lee at his home outside Little Rock on Nov. 15. Lee said shortly after Game 5 of the World Series that he would like to return to the Rangers on a long-term basis, but he would have to go through the process of free agency for the first time and see which team makes him the best offer. The Rangers are believed to be the front-runners, along with the New York Yankees, to acquire Lee for a nine-figure, mulit-year deal.

-- Jeff Wilson


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amen, progress at last! they should have shown more interest and had this offer penned and ready at 1201am 11/7.

however, i'll take it now at least.

i still don't agree with 5 years and 23 if that is their offer and NYY is going 6 and 23. You gotta come closer than that to entice him. If you gonna make him give up a 6th year, which is at least reasonable, at least give him 25 to help bridge the gap over 5 years.

he ain't gonna take 5 for 23 when he gets an offer for 6 for 23 if that is indeed how this is shaping up.

if that's the case, this is a classic Texas management trying to make it look like they're making a good faith offer when they know this is never going to work, much like the Teixera debacle. I didn't fall for that fake "last second" halfhearted offer, and i won't fall for it this time either if it turns out this way.

However, this is all highly suspect source info yet, so I'll hold out hope that we're gonna do something a little bit better if we are indeed only going 5 years. with say 5 and 25, the rest can be made up from saved income tax, better team/proximity pitch, and he can go get any contract and hope for a few mil at age 39 for the rest.

I say give Lee whatever he wants but I would be a little nervous with anything over five years.

Swami, I think this is different than the Texiera thing. Texiera wanted to go to the Yankees even if they only offered him $500 a year and a room with A-Fraud.

LOL good point Shooter. he was indeed going to get to NYY come hell or high water, i just didn't like the way Rangers mgmt at the time (hicks specifically) tried to paint it as "well we offered him money he just didn't want it" when it was well after they had both essentially mentally parted ways.

yeah i'd rather give Lee a few more mil over 5 years annually than extend it to 6. even with his compact and easy motion, he surely (maybe?) wouldn't be worth that at age 39.

we must get him. Go JD go! h

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