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December 13, 2010

Rangers reaction to Lee deal

It's a little late, but we caught up with one player who's role may be directly impacted by Cliff Lee's decision not to sign with the Rangers. Right-hander Tommy Hunter had no hard feelings about Lee's decision.

"That's baseball," Hunter said in a text. "I wish him the best. He had to do what he thought was best. It's part of the business. We'll be all right."

As it stands now, Hunter has moved up in the pecking order if the Rangers can't make a move for another starter. C.J. Wilson and Colby Lewis are locks, with Hunter and Derek Holland also likely starters. If the Rangers can't swing another move, the talk of moving Neftali Feliz back into the rotation also will gain more steam.

The silver lining though is that the move is finally done, and now the Rangers can move on and address their other needs once again.

- Anthony Andro



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i guess DimeBag Ron's "gut" instinct on Lee returning to TX was about as accurate as when he uses it to gauge when a pitcher needs to come out of the game or which reliever to use.

getting another career year from guys like Lewis and Wilson is unlikely at best. Feliz is gonna have to grow up fast and become the #1 rotation guy now. as we learned watching SF win, you can't win the WS without a dominant pitching staff very often, and we just watched our best shot at that walk away.

6 and 120!?? that's the best we did? that is downright pathetic compared to expectations. no wonder he left.

that offer (should it prove true) was about as legitimately tempting for Lee as the bogus offer to Teixeira years ago. brutal.

back to 85-77 we go. wheeeeeeeeeeeeee effing ha. it was nice to pretend we were a big league franchise once in 40 years at least. sigh.

Texas rumored to have offered 7/$161 with the last year requiring vesting. High bidder. I'm glad he left.

For all the complaining about the offer for Lee, I wonder what those same people would be saying 4-5 years from now when Texas has a $20M a year committment to a pitcher that reminds us of Kevin Millwood, or even worse Park. He might have been another Nolan Ryan but then he might not have been. Good luck to Cliff, but for 7 year pitching contrats, the pitcher should probably be under 30. A number 4-5 pitcher making 20M, think about it!

Back to free agency. The truth is no "ace" will ever pitch for Texas unless he is gotten in a trade or home grown until they fix the sauna they call a stadium. Use the Cliff Lee money and tear the darn thing down and build a stadium suitable for Texas weather. Put a roof on it. Houston understood the weather in Texas and did the right thing, George W and company took the cheap route. Texas will not have a constant condender without great pitching and great pitching avoids Texas like the plague. I hope Chuck Greenburg gets it and does something to solve it biggest problem. The stadium!

that's a good idea/post Bob. it's probably a very safe bet to assume we will continue to have a hard time ever drawing a top line pitching FA here because of the summer heat.

yes in 4-5 years we'd probably be stuck with Lee making way more than he's worth. however, i'd happily take that (and i suspect management, ownership, and the bottom line from being a WS contender yearly would too) for those 4 years of possible and/or wins in the WS. the Chan Blow Farts signing was a debacle, but that was a guy who had zero success anywhere but LA and came to the AL. I was against that deal from teh word go. This was totally different for a guy who could actually pitch and win and thrive here and was proven. sadness. i guess now we trade away our minor leagues for Greinke and his societal anxiety disorder. god bless the guy and his problems, but that is just not a makeup for a staff ace pitching under pressure.

I'm not sure but I was thinking both pitchers have to pitch when it's hot or when the wind is blowing balls over the fence.
I don't remember Nolan Ryan or Fergie Jenkins skipping a start because it was too hot.
And never never ever put a roof on any ballpark anywhere in the world again.

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