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January 14, 2011

John Rhadigan new Rangers play-by-plan man?

According to a pair of sources, Rhadigan is the likely replacement for Josh Lewin as the team's television play-by-play man.

The Rangers said they are making progress on a hire, but no deal is done.

If Rhadigan does get the job, he'll replace Josh Lewin. Lewin and the Rangers parted ways after the 2010 season. He had worked with Tom Grieve on the TV broadcasts for nine seasons.

- Anthony Andro


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This is terrible. Rhadigan is a nice guy but too CHEESY. He will be unbearable over the course of 162.

cheesier than Josh??? Not possible

I think I would prefer Rhadigan over Josh.

Rhadigan is a vast improvement over Lewin. Would have loved to see the Rangers get someone like Dave Sims though. But Sims moved to Mariners number one spot after the death of Niehaus.

I will miss "ballgame."

Lewis is one of the best in the biz. I'm surprised to hear some of you say that you don't care for him. He's been highly recruited since arriving in Texas... doing other team's games throughout the course of last season.
I've been in broadcasting since 1994, and I have great respect for Josh. He's a quick thinker, witty, conversational and has a vast knowledge of the game for someone who, to my knowledge, never played. His colloquialisms are second to no one... and he knows how to read the important moments in a game! He's verbal when something needs to be said... and quiet when the actions on the field state more than words. I hate to see him go.
Conversely, Rhadigan isn't bad either. He's not as sharp as Lewin, but I've watched him for years and he's grown on me. I like his style and think he would make a good teammate for TAG.

The last thing Josh was interested in was the ball game. He spent most of his time talking about everything else. It will be a pleasure to watch the game without him.

I thought Josh and Tag had great chemistry and Josh seemed to truly love the Rangers. I will miss him

todd (aka josh lewin). have u heard josh on the fan? unbearable. i thought he was ok as a play-by-play guy but i think rags will be better.

Todd, who's "Lewis"?
I think Roscoe's right, Josh was too interested in things other than the game. I thinking during games he was thinking about the bar he was playing in the band that night after the game. He's a rock star, you know.

I watched every game last yeat but Rhaddigan has already turned me off.
He would make good highschool announcer

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