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January 03, 2011

Michael Young says he's willing to be DH

No one needs to worry that Michael Young would be upset with the Rangers signing Adrian Beltre. Young said he's willing to move to designated hitter if the Rangers sign the free agrent, who also plays third base.

"My motivation is to play for a winning team and to be extremely productive. And I want to do that with the Rangers," Young said. "If I've got to get the majority of my 700 plate appearances as a DH, that's what I've got to do."

He said he had a brief conversation with general manager Jon Daniels that was left somewhat open-ended. They discussed a role in which manager Ron Washington would attempt to get Young on the field as much as possible, though Young said playing first base was not discussed.

A source said that Daniels was in negotiations with Beltre agent Scott Boras late into Monday evening, and there is a level of confidence that a deal could be struck. Beltre turned down an offer of five years and $70 million from the Angels earlier this off-season, and two reports Sunday night said the Rangers had offered six years and at more than $90 million.

Those reports, though, were turned away by a baseball source.

-- Jeff Wilson


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as much as I rail against Young's declining bat speed and definite decline in range, I wish he had objected to save the Rangers from themselves.

After all this, we're gonna sign a contract-year-only player for anywhere from 15-18mil a year?!?! for 5 years til he's 37?

this is how we got into trouble with Chan Blow Farts. this guy has had 2 great seasons ever that would justify this kind of cash. after that he's been solid. we're talking 4yr-40mil solid, not 5 yr 80-90mil spectacular. and not at age 32 for an infielder.

yeah he'll probably put up good numbers in teh Rangers park. but this guy is not worth anywhere near these dollar figures with his track record. without those two contract-year performances (and .334 and .321 batting averages) we're talking about a guy who hit .265 in 10 full seasons. 8 homers in 449 AB just two years ago? is none of this ringing alarm bells?

this is a bad commitment of heavy dollars.

we failed on Lee. fine, don't compound that error by trying to make "something happen" by wasting that kind of cash on this guy. he isn't remotely worth it.

I think that's what they're doing, trying to "make something happen."

Don't I recall Michael Young saying he would not move again? And don't we already have a good young first baseman?

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