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January 27, 2011

Rangers tidbits from Round Rock stop

Team president Nolan Ryan said he expects Michael Young to be the team's DH on Opening Day. Ryan said Young will get about 80 percent of his playing time at DH, and the rest at the other infield spots.

Ryan said it was Jon Daniels who talked to Young about making the position move, and that Young will provide the Rangers versatility that no other team has with a player of his caliber.

Ryan told an audience of about 300 he expects the Rangers to be better than they were in 2010, and that the team going to spring training is better than the team the Rangers brought intot he 2010 season.

- Anthony Andro


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i agree, the team starting this season IS better than the team that started last season.

however, they are NOT better or equal than the team that finished the 2010 season. and therein lies the problem.

gonna need a lot more miracles to work out and have no injury impacts for this team to overachieve to 95 wins, Nolan. even with the ability to beat up other teams #3-5 starters in teh regular season that you don't see so much of in the postseason this will be a tall order.

Oh please, this team is better than the one that went to the playoffs last year. Adrian Beltre is one big reason, and now we have more hits guys like Napoli and a refined bullpen. We're ready.

so the fact we lost Cliff Lee and replaced him with Brandon Webb (i guess), and lost Frankie (even though I was not a huge fan of him) and may lose now Feliz to start (doubtful but maybe) to try to fill in for Lee...despite all that we're somehow better cause we got a guy who hit lights out in a contract year? he does play superb D, but that don't offset the loss of Lee. getting some more bats (even if Beltre somehow continues at last year's pace) is just like what we did in teh 1990s when we had no pitching. even with "some" pitching now, this does not make the team overall better than last year. ever.
it's ok to sip the Nolan Kool-Aid, but replacing Cliff Lee/Frankie with Beltre and Napoli does not remotely make this team better.

swami...idiot! Lee was (at best) mediocre during the season....playoff wins 3, play off loses 2. Big deal!!!glad we didn't spend 130mil on that guy. Baltimore wore him out!!!! as well as KC.

swami..more for you to digest...Same Staff (pitchers) w/exception of Lee,even if Webb doesn't perform as may be expected...Francisco was hit and miss, improved offense and defense (good ridance to Cantu, Guzman, Lee) Oakland proves what young pitchers can do (given the chance)! trust the best managment team (Daniels, Ryan, Greenberg) in baseball!

if you say so. I'm not arguing Lee struggled with injuries or just plain stink in regular season last year. I am, however, arguing that without Lee we don't beat Tampa Bay to even get to see NYY, let alone beat them too and get to World Series.

without that kind of pitcher, this edition of the Rangers in 2011 is not good enough to beat those same teams, which means it is not as good to me.

in order to be better than 2010, that's the bar they set.

you have fun trying to prove to me a team without a lockdown postseason staff ace like that in the postseason can win. there are very few examples in 125 plus years of baseball history.

to think Texas is better for losing that cause we added a couple position players is the height of idiocy.

Oh....I see! lock down post season?
SF treated him (Lee) like a step-child, and that with him well rested. Musn't forget the job Lewis did. and oh...how about Wilson? Look, it would have been nice to have Lee, but look at his entire career (not just post season) you have to get there first.

C'mon man the addition of Beltre alone (glove)adds 10 more wins over last year! Luv Michael Young, but he cost us lots of games because of his play at third. (see Tampa Bay Play off series),(1st game against Yankees) everyone who has ever plays this game... knows the fundamental rule of thirdbase defense....get in front of the ball, take it of the chest and please "No Ole's"

Better team than last year? you bet your sweet a...! and given the chance...Kirkman will make all forget Lee (my opinion)!!!!

i'll feel a lot better when spring training starts and the smell of green grass, no snow, and optimism fills the air. then i forget about things that irritated me in the offseason!

i could not agree more with Michael Young's range/D vs Beltre. i don't know about 10 more wins, but that is indeed a massive upgrade that will greatly help some of our younger pitchers by taking plays that used to be hits and turning them into outs!

let winter end and first-reporting date start!

Our Overall Team is better than the team that played the world series and yes that does include the starting pitchers. Brandon Webb is a gamble with plenty of upside and no downside. Our young pitchers will be much more effective this year than last. Although we do not have that bonified ace, maybe, we are deeper and have more quality overall than last years staff. C.J. Wilson very well could be that ace that every team needs to have. He is very close. Some people thought that he pitched better than Lee when Lee was here and I tend to agree. He will only get better because it's not like he was a rookie last year. If Holland, Scheppers, Kirkman et all mature and contribute then we could be in great shape. Also if they look at Ogundo for the rotation he very well could be C.J. Wilsonish. All in all great offseason and looking forward to this season as I think we are in great shape to return to the World Series and finish what we started last year. Defensivly we are better especially at 3rd and 1st. We are better behind the plate. We have more team speed than last year. Mitch Moreland could be a real gem at 1st. Our bullpen is solid and deeper than last year. That leaves starting pitching. Their are a lot of teams out there that would love to be able to send out C. J. Wilson, Colby Lewis, Tommy Hunter, A healthy Brandon Webb { If he is } and then let the kids fight it out for the 5th spot. Probably Holland, especially if he pitches like he did in the playoffs last year, Yes we have some holes, what team doesnt, but I would say right now we would have to be seeded 2nd in the American League behind Boston, Boston is locked and loaded and will be very hard to beat. That said I think that we can and will beat them

swami....like you, I am ready to "get it on". I appreciate you comments and opinions.

terry...your comments? very well stated about pitching and overall condition of the Rangers. totally agree that "Redsox" pose the largest hurdle to clear to get back to the "WS"

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