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February 07, 2011

A few more Michael Young trade nuggets

The Rangers would be willing to trade Young within the AL West, but only if the deal helps improve the team. The Rangers sent Justin Smoak and three other prospects to Seattle in July for Cliff Lee and Mark Lowe. The Angels would make sense as a desirable destination for Young, who grew up near Anaheim, but it isn't clear if the Angels are one of the eight teams he would willing go to. Colorado, a source confirmed, is one of the eight.

Young has told the Rangers that he is not interested in expanding his list past eight teams.

Young informed the Rangers of his desire to be traded during the weekend of Jan. 27-30. Vladimir Guerrero was still on the free-agent market. He's gone now, to Baltimore, and there are no viable free agents remaining who could offer as much production as Young.

Nolan Ryan said that he attempted to convince Young that becoming a DH wouldn't damage his changes at a long, productive career, which is Young's top concern. Said Ryan: "I expressed to Michael my feelings about our ballclub and about the role that he would play and the numbers of at-bats he would get, and tried to assure him that from a career perspective that I didn't think this was a step down. But I think Michael's feeling is that once you go to DH, you are considered a DH throughout baseball."

Josh Hamilton said this afternoon that he spoke to Young about the situation. Young relayed that he isn't sure if he will be traded. The Rangers are seeking a fair deal and aren't too interested in absorbing much of the $48 million remaining on Young's contract.

-- Jeff Wilson


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If the Rangers trade Young I hope he beats them every time he faces them. This whole thing is the dumbest thing Jon Daniels has done since he's been there. Just watch, Daniels will trade him for a broken-down, 39 year-old utility infielder with a sore shoulder and a .188 batting average.

It is Jon Daniels stirring this latest mess..if ya'll will remember, we had a similar problem when Daniels TOLD gold glove ss MY that he was being moved to 3rd to bring up Elvis..MY has always done what was asked of him moving to three different positions in 10 yrs. Yes maybe he wasn't the best 3rd baseman, it wasn't his choice..he did the best he could. How many other players have moved or been moved to that many postions and nailed those positions like they had always played them...seriously...look at A-Fraud..he was a ss converted to 3rd..is he nearly as good there as he was at ss? No. Michael began at 2nd was very very good there, then moved(voluntarily) to ss won a gold glove there, then was told he would play 3rd base, a position he knew would not be his greatest strength..Daniels almost cost us our captain then, but for Nolan stepping in and smoothing things over. Now Daniels has done it again, that is who MY cannot trust..why should he? This is a hard cold slap to all REAL Ranger fans as the leader of this team, franchise and fan base to be treated like this over and over again. If this is the way its goin down, I see what kind of loyalty the ownership will have for fans if they treat their loyal players like this...I think they are imploding the clubhouse and team chemistry if they allow Daniels, who I believe has always wanted Michael gone, do this.

Someone please tell me why Chuck and Nolan need Mike Young's permission to make him a DH or to trade him for that matter. I like Mike Young, I laways have but I certainly dont like hearing him whine about being a DH. For what he makes he needs to keep his mouth shut and do whatever the team tells him to do. He is very well compensated, overly for that matter, for his employment by the Rangers. If my boss tells me to do something that is going to make it better for the company I dont have a choice. Well I guess I do, I could quit. It is so funny your hear ball players all the time say that it is a business, but when a business decision is made they complain because it's not what they wanted and after all it's just a game. They need to make up their mind and understand that they can't have it both ways. Chuck and Nolan have done great so far. They built the only AL Pennant winner that we have had. If they say the team is better with Young at DH well then grab a stick Mr. Young, shut up, and go help your team repeat last years success and maybe even 3 more wins and make it a great year. What it comes down to is I am a die hard Rangers fan, not a die hard hard Michael Young fan. I love the guy, but he is not more important than the team. In Nolan I trust.......

good job terry walker, finally someone with some brains... the rangers have moved him time and time again to keep him on the team if you want to be a ranger grab a bat and start hitting otherwise whine somewhere else.

poor michael young has been insulted boo hoo. can someone please pay me $16 million a year - $48 for three more years. I would gladly be insulted and betrayed for that kind of money.

Totally agree with last 3 posters.....
$16 mil and complaining....? Give me/us a break. Play ball or leave - quietly!

You are probably right in that all we can get is a broken down pitcher or maybe a bag of baseballs. Doesn't that tell you something? Young's defense has never been above average and is now well below average. He didn't give a hometown discount to sign. Instead, he got a hometown premium. Nobody wants that contract when he doesn't bring defense to the table. He is a odd player. Good hitter. Tons of hitting in DPs. No walks. But productive. Defensive liability. I think JD and Nolan have gone above and beyond trying to keep him in the loop when they have no responsibility to do that. Only responsibility is to make the club better. Period. Andrus > Young at SS and Beltre > Young at 3B. You can't complain about not winning if you expect the club to make decisions based on "The Face". That is what losers do. Bill Parcells always said it best (and in many ways)..."You are what you are" and "We are in the replacement business".

Forgot to even address all of the comments about Young winning that Gold Glove at SS. Him winning that Gold Glove is the equivalent to Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Was a joke, was not earned, and a general mockery of the intended purpose of such award. Young wasn't even in the top 10 SS in the AL much less the best glove. People like Mike Young because he tries like hell. He plays the game the right way. Is durable. He just doesn't have near the raw talent or athletic ability of his peers. He is the underdog. I sure don't think "Past the diving Young" being heard over and over is in the best interest of winning.

So who's going to DH, Scott Feldman?

Chip, Daniels doesn't need Young's permission to trade him nor does Daniels need Young's permission to put him in the lineup every day at DH and expect him to hit every day. This team needs hitters and Young's a hitter.

I'm not jumping on Young's bandwagon I'm saying this team needs him. Ian Kinsler can be counted on to miss 30+ games this year.



I'm with Terry Walker and others on this. I am a fan of Young but he needs to finish out the contract that he signed and do what the team asks him to. This whole mess reminds me of Greg Ellis a couple years ago.

With NO teams showing any interest in a slow defensive liability with fading hitting skills, MY should buckle up and take his 16 Million to the bank and thank his lucky stars he is not in an unemployment line like 10% of the rest of us. Crybaby! Shut up, MY, and get to work.

what!!!! Young is "curiously" quiet? Seems no other tems wants him bad enough to take on the $48million owed him for the next 3 years. Wake up call...huh, Michael. oh, by the way, only (sports writer) Galloway calls it like it is! The rest of you (bleeding heart writers) maybe, should take a hint...or go cry with Young.

My previous comment (bleeding heart writers)? Just read BUCK's opinion posted today....explains and confirms my previous comment. (Buck sucks)

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