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February 07, 2011

Jim Sundberg talks about HOF and Young

Former Rangers catching great and current executive Jim Sundberg is one of the newest members of the Texas Sports Hall of Fame. Here's a little of what Sundberg had to say about things Monday.

"It's really special. I played, I didn't think I was a person that had a lot of ability, but I thought I played hard and left my heart on the field, and so to be recognized after 16 years of Major League Baseball is pretty special. I am humbled by it and it's quite an honor to be with this class and to be recognized by the Texas Sports Hall of Fame."

On what's going in the Hall? "They have a hat. They have some uniforms. I've got to get them a few more things. I've got to get them some spikes and a glove and a couple of other items."

On possibility of Michael Young trade? "It's turning out that way now. I think he's upset. You know the process has drug out. It's been in the paper a lot. His feelings are hurt. I think if ultimately if that's what Michael really wants, Jon Daniels will probably make that happen. I would hope that he would not. I would hope that he would be with us and be the kind of athlete, be the kind of professional athlete that would I think not let what had happened affect him and he would go out and play hard."
Can you see where Young is coming from? "I think anybody who's played doesn't like to see a team you've given your heart and played a long time for talk about trades. I think the most hurtful trade that I ever went through was the first trade. You've kind of given your heart and beared your soul to a group, so I can understand him being upset."


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Given his heart and beared his soul...oh, and made 16 MILLION DOLLARS a year to do so with 48 MILLION DOLLARS still guaranteed over the next 3 years. Cry me a river...

AFTER he volunteered to move to ss from 2nd to accomodate Soriano. Don't blame MY for taking that kind of deal...it wasn't like he was holding out for the money. Hicks made the offer. Yes he has left his heart and soul on the field and in the clubhouse for this team. If you were a REAL Ranger fan you would know how he has been jostled about and until Daniels bungled the discussion about moving to 3rd, MY never complained or balked. Nolan had to step in there and fix it, but I think Jon Daniels has screwed the pooch too many times with MY that I don't know if Nolan can even fix it now. They do need to try though, losing MY will have fallout.

The way JD has treated MY the last 4 yrs. for the better of the ball club so to speak, then this. The Rangers do not deserve any fans period for there greed. MY play hard and hurt with all he had for them, know this. No JD you and the Rangers do not deserve anything period.

Young says he doesn't know what he would do if he wasn't traded by the time he has to report. I believe the only thing that he can do is either play ball or retire. Adios I say....

Have always respected Mike for the way he played on and off the field. Now, however, his skills have obviously detirated and he is still making 'star' $'s ($16,000,000 per year). Sorry he doesn't feel the current arrangement is not to his benefit - it certainly is for the team.
Good bye Michael and Godspeed!

Michael should swallow his pride and stick with the Rangers. !6 million a year is very good compensation.

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